Clearblue Pregnancy Test Fast & Easy (2 pack)


With Clearblue Fast & Easy Pregnancy Test , the absorbent tip turns pink to help you sample correctly and clear plus (+) or minus (-) results appear in just 2 minutes.


Over 99% accurate – From the day your period is due.

Can test 5 days early – So sensitive you can test up to 5 days before your missed period.

Easy to use – The absorbent tip changes from white to pink to show you urine is being absorbed and you can read your clear plus (+) or minus (-) result after 2 minutes.

Clinical testing with early pregnancy samples:
4 days before expected period - 53% of pregnant women
3 days before expected period- 74% of pregnant women
days before expected period - 84% of pregnant women

1 days before expected period - 87% of pregnant women

days before expected period - 99% of pregnant women

Kogus Price  
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