Moonlight Baby re-useable Saliva Ovulation Fertility Tester


Moonlight Baby is a personal ovulation microscope that allows you to predict ovulation – your most fertile time of the month to conceive - with 98% accuracy. When a woman is about to ovulate, her saliva begins to form a distinct crystal, fern-like pattern due to an increase in hormone levels – as seen through Moonlight Baby. This “ferning” pattern begins to appear around 3 to 5 days prior to ovulation, allowing you to predict peak fertility.

Inserting the batteries

Remove the protective pink casing (both parts) and unscrew the white plastic base. Insert both batteries (included) with the positive side (the side with the writing on) face down into the unit. Then replace the white plastic base and tighten. Please ensure you do not fasten the base completely as this will turn the light onand will use up the batteries. Only tighten the base completely when viewing a sample to preserve the life of the batteries.

Using Moonlight Baby Ovulation Microscope

With Moonlight Baby, PULL (do not twist) the lens from the tube and just add a drop of saliva. Let the sample dry. In about five minutes, view the sample through the microscope. Press the LED light button and focus by turning the eyepiece of the microscope. If you are ovulating - or about to ovulate - a ferning, crystal-like pattern can be viewed. NOTE: Test first thing in the morning using a sublingual saliva sample (fresh from below the tongue). Do not test after eating, drinking, smoking, or brushing teeth.

After testing:

Make sure you loosen the battery compartment  a little so that the light switches off - this will preserve the life of the batteries. Clean the lens with a clean damp cloth. Replace the pink casing to protect  the microscope.