Clearblue Fertility Friendly Lubricant 7 x 4ml Prefilled Applicators

Clearblue Fertility Friendly Lubricant, Helps Maintain Sperm Movement, 7 x 4ml Prefilled Applicators

Trying for a baby? If you are, it’s likely you’re having more sex. Many women use a lubricant to provide comfort during sex, but many are not aware that ordinary lubricants can harm sperm. Using a sperm friendly lubricant to provide the right environment for sperm is key when you have sex on your fertile days. Clearblue Fertility Friendly Lubricant has been designed to create the optimal environment for sperm to survive and is, therefore, suitable for use by couples trying to conceive.

The light texture is pH balanced and isotonic to be sperm friendly to work in harmony with your body to provide comfort and lubrication. It helps maintain sperm health, survival and movement and comes in pre-filled tubes for easy application. 

Timing sex on your fertile days maximises your chances of getting pregnant so it’s good to know when these days are. An accurate and easy way to identify your fertile days is to use an ovulation test. Clearblue offers a range of ovulation tests that are at least 99% accurate at detecting the LH surge.

•Optimal formula: helps maintain sperm health, movement, and survival
(based on in vitro studies)

•Supplements natural lubrication: pH balanced and isotonic to be sperm friendly
•Includes hyaluronan: also naturally found in your body.  Helps retain moisture
•Easy to use: 7 single use, pre-filled applicators
•Fertility Friendly: designed for use by couples trying for a baby
•From the makers of World’s No. 1 selling brand in home pregnancy and fertility tests. Based on international sales compiled using independent market research data (data on file)

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