Eco-Care vaginal PH tests

By measuring the pH value just above the vaginal opening, other disturbances of the vaginal balance can easily be detec­ted. If the woman herself, even if she is not pregnant, regularly inspects vaginal acidity using EcoCare™ ph-cotton sticks, early stage infection or vaginal milieu imbalances can be identified and specifically treated.

Product features:

  • Maintain vaginal health during pregnancy and decrease the risk of premature birth
  • General early detection of disturbances of the vaginal flora
  • Through regular self-testing of the vaginal pH, expectant mothers can reduce this risk
  • Diagnose bacterial vaginosis, trichomoniasis and fungal infection

Packge size: 5pcs in pack, 15pcs in pack.
We sell also individually, packed sterile without original package.

10 tests cost in pharmacies about 40 EUR.

Kogus Price  
1tk 1,80 € - +
5 tk 11,50 €
- +